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Political & Regulatory monitoring

Anticipating regulatory impact and limiting the risks

Political & Regulatory monitoring in France and in Europe

Ensuring a local, yet uniform service, FairValue Public Affairs is based in Paris, Brussels and Rome and acts as a unique and reliable intermediary for its clients between the French and Italian authorities and the European institutions.
EU institutions propose, vote and implement new norms that directly or indirectly determine or influence almost 80% of national regulations. These rules are changing all the time; both the private and public sectors are obliged to adapt to this change. It is thus essential to plan for new regulations.

In regular contact with the European Commission, the European Parliament and the national liaison offices, FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs guides its clients through the bureaucratic maze, helping them to develop a long-term strategy. Our consultants are responsible for monitoring, informing and advising you on the best strategy to respond to the permanent risks and seize the opportunities offered by the EU.


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Anacofi Big Debate

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FVC&PA in the press

Published on 03/17/2020 at 12h08

Anne Mazoyer : Invited on Morandini Live

In times of war, communication must be an incentive to fight and not to flee. 2/2

Anne Mazoyer's intervention in Monrandini Live @CNews on the 17th March ...

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