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Public & Political affairs

Fairvalue Public Affairs is an independent entity based in Paris, Brussels and Roma.

Fairvalue Public Affairs is an independent entity, with offices in Paris, Brussels and Roma, close to national and EU institutions. It is specialized in both French and EU public and regulatory affairs. It offers a complete range of integrated services, including regulatory monitoring, economic intelligence, advocacy, communication, press relations and institutional representation.

The development of EU rules and policies is irreversible and their sphere of influence is constantly widening within the member states. From laws on products and services to the regulations governing the internal market, competition and environmental protection, daily life for small, medium and large businesses as well as for other organizations is now heavily controlled by EU regulatory decisions. 

FairValue Public Affairs assists and counsels its clients in their relations with French and European economic, public and political authorities. 
Different sectors are subject to different regulations and socio-economic players have varying positions and levels of preparation. FairValue Public Affairs therefore offers a full range of services tailored to your situation and objectives.


Published on 12/24/2019 at 9h26

Happy New Year 2020

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Grand Débat Anacofi

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FVC&PA in the press

Published on 02/17/2020 at 11h48

Anne Mazoyer : Invitée de Morandini Live

Anne Mazoyer : invitée dans Morandini Live - CNEWS - 17/02/2020

#GriveauxGate les choses ont bougé ce week-end : @agnesbuzyn est désormais candidate à la mairie de Paris ...

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