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Our issues

Selection of clients’ cases

1- Herbert Smith – Lawyer
Brand strategy and press relation

Herbert Smith is international full-service law firm.

How to make an International firm a key player on French business law market?

- Increase legitimacy and notoriety of an English International low firm whom lawyers work on major French and International files. 
- Consolidate its positioning on national market.

Accomplished work
- Analysis of the firm positioning in France and internationally 
- Definition of a public speaking strategy 
- Work in consultation with the English head office in London 
- Definition of a public and press relation 
- Organization of encounters and conference with Franch and English press 
- Conception and writing of press releases and kit in French and in English 
- Competitive intelligence

2- Mandar - distribution – food Industry

How to help a leading and innovative company to perpetuate its activity and keep its employees in a context of commercial crisis and increasing competition?

Obtain an extension of a distribution contract broken unilaterally by an important client

Accomplished work
- Establishment of an emergency procedure for public and politic matters
- Conception and writing of a strategic pitch 
- Awareness campaign to key politics able to intervene to obtain a compromise.


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