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"Future Investments”: Anne Mazoyer has attended to the Institut Montaigne’s political breakfast around René Ricol, High Commissioner for Future Investments, on the 19 October 2011

Published on 10/19/2011 at 0h00

The Future Investments initiative has been announced by Nicolas Sarkozy in December 2009, in order to strengthen the competitiveness and the attractiveness of France and its businesses on an international scale. 

From a total of 35 billion € allocated in the framework of this initiative, the High Commission for Future Investments has attributed 22 billion € to research and higher education, to dope innovation and growth in France.

René Ricol and his team have particularly focused on highly promising industrial sectors, which are essential for the French industrial portfolio and economic growth in the long run.

This approach is in line with FVC&PA’s commitment to economic development and business strategy. Our consultancy thus supports this initiative from René Ricol by encouraging and helping its clients to cooperate with the High Commission: Several highly interesting projects all over France could already be realized.