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FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs opens a new italian office in Milan

Published on 06/08/2015 at 19h04

The firm is developing its business towards Italian companies which hope to be represented and to see their interests defended through Europe.

The opening of a new office will build on the company’s existing strong presence in Europe, allowing it to get closer to its Italian clients, and to further extend its ability to serve their interests in a fully integrated way. Anne Mazoyer states: « a dedicated team of consultants will offer proximity and support to Italian firms in facing the institutional, political and media issues that affect them on a national and European level. In that context, FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs’ accession to the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Italy, which celebrates its 130th anniversary on June 9th, will establish its first act of commitment and support towards Franco-Italian companies ».

Jean-Marc Deshaires, President of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Italy, comments on FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs’ accession to the Chamber: « the representation of interests has become an essential competitiveness lever for the development of Italian companies, both at European level and in their export opportunities with France ».

Moreover, on June the 10th, Anne Mazoyer and Jean-Marc Deshaires will participate in the « French Pavillon’s Wednesday » organized in the framework of the Exposition Universelle of Milan, which promotes the numerous business partnerships between France and Italy.