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Breakfast-debate with Pierre Gattaz, President of the Group of Industry Federations (GFI).

Published on 01/25/2012 at 0h00

Convinced that “without a strong and diversified industry” France cannot be in the world’s top-five, Pierre Gattaz calls for a “new pact for industry, growth and employment”.

His pact, detailed in twelve points, puts industry at the heart of French and European public policies, in order to reboost enterprises’ competitiveness, and create a stable and simplified economic environment, which favour the acceleration of growth in a mid-to-long term range.

Sharing this strategic vision, Anne Mazoyer, President of FairValue Corporate and Public Affairs (FVC&PA), who will be attending the debate with Jean-Marc Delahaye, consultant, is convinced that these measures will offer relevant and effective economic perspectives for French and European enterprises who pledge for competitiveness and social cohesion, in the interest of European citizens.


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