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"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it"


Fields of expertise

Press Relations & Public Relations

The management of public opinion is now a priority issue for most companies. Open-mindedness and ability to dialogue have become essential. Analysis allows in the first time to define issues, identify the major targets and build the key messages, but also to create a special relationship with the most important audiences for the company to inform, convince and persuade them to spread the information provided to the public at large.

The obvious goal of Press Relations is to gain qualitative and quantitative Press effects for the company, and establish a genuine relationship with its audience; it is the perspective of the actions led by FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs, on behalf of the clients which it manages the image.

Public relations express the inclusion of the company in its economic, social, cultural and political background. FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs’ organizational experience, its network and its close ties with logistics providers allow it propose a wide-range offer as regards events of influence, combining strategic conception and operational implementation.

FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs counsels the companies, the institutions and their leaders in their day-to-day relations with the media, but also with the institutional interlocutors of the political, economic and social spheres, in Paris, Brussels and Milan. Its experience and its approach of the issues enabled the firm to develop an acknowledged expertise and legitimacy to press and broadcast media. Beyond its obligation of means the firm commits itself on concrete and quantifiable outcomes.


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