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"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it"


FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs


FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs starts a new partnership policy in order to enlarge its offer and to broaden its strategic thinking.

With this new policy of strategic partnerships, FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs wants to offer to its clients complementary expertise of high added-value. For Anne Mazoyer, this approach is particularly important in the current context of accelerated political and industrial cycles, the proliferation of new technologies, rapid economic transformation, and the globalisation of markets.

Digital strategy

Strategic vision, creativity and efficiency for better counselling of our clients. FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs works on a permanent basis with some consulting and producing agencies in the fields of strategy, audiovisual and web.

The right persons in the right place...

These partnerships brings together consultants from diverse backgrounds and cultures, organised in special project teams that combine all the relevant expertise for the respective client (web, audiovisual, 'traditional communications', public and political affairs).

Attracting talents, creating an innovative environment, and mixing expertise are indeed key to our approach.

The right expertise...

We integrate a broad range of expertise in this partnership: brand strategy, digital strategy, public relations, new media, press and media relations, crisis communication, content creation, audiovisual production...). We are thus able to deliver a full fledged offer at “variable geometry”, highly flexible and adapted to our clients needs. 

The right methods...

The exploding use of Web 2.0 has profoundly altered the way companies and institutions communicate with their different publics. They can no longer refrain from using differentiated contents and real-time communication.

We develop tailor-made methods to identify what is said about our client, about its industry and about its competitors. The evaluation and control of our clients’ “e-reputation”, and of the impact of the web on their image are an essential part of any communications strategy.


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