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"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it"


FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs

FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs

A consultancy firm in corporate communication and public affairs

FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs was created by Anne Mazoyer in 2005.
It is an independent consultancy firm with offices in Paris, Brussels and Rome. It represents its clients before national and EU institutions and media. The firm has 9 consultants who counsel and assist their clients and refer to external experts for specific cases.

FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs is member of the EPACA (European Public Affairs Consultancies' Association) and of the CDPF (Cercle des Délégués Permanents).

The consultancy is also registered in the French National Assembly’s official list of interest representatives, of the Parliament and the European Commission, as well as on that of the representation of the German political and economic interest representatives at the Permanent Representation of Germany to the European Union.

FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs at the heart of economic strategy

"Companies are increasingly affected in their growth and brand reputation by public opinion and their capacity to liaise efficiently with their different publics. 

Institutions also have to tackle this growing issue. So are company managers and their staffs. 

Such stakes ask of our consultants a global understanding of companies and institutions as well as a specific internal organisation which favours a multi-task approach.

Fairvalue Corporate & Public Affairs originality stems from its cross-cultural approach by a constant sharing of experience between its consultants.

For each client a tailored team of consultants is formed, gathering as such the most adapted skills to the needs of the case.

Hence, this tailored approach is a guarantee of the quality of any commercial partnership with

Fairvalue Corporate & Public Affairs."

Anne Mazoyer

Chairman, founder of FairValue Corporate & Public Affairs


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